Caravan Security


Last year around 1400 caravans were stolen in the UK. Very few are ever returned to their original owner, partly because they 'disappear' into an illicit network of buyers and sellers, and partly because, when a caravan is found by the police, all identifying marks have been removed - it is not uncommon for thieves to grind out the VIN number from the caravan windows.

Many times the police must return the 'suspect' caravan to the thieves, simply because they cannot prove it belongs to someone else.

It is not just new caravans that are prime targets for being stolen; in fact caravans that are about 2 or 3 years old that are more likely to be stolen. Thefts occur all year round; historically most thefts occur either from home (or other private residences) or commercial storage sites, but occasionally thefts will occur from caravan sites (seasonal pitches or storage areas), dealerships or repairers (whilst awaiting service or repair) or car parks, lay-bys etc.

To avoid becoming another insurance statistic, and to meet most insurers' conditions of acceptance, certain precautions should be taken.

Many caravan security devices are available on the market, from hitchlocks to steady locks, from alarms to wheelclamps. Prices vary from £30 to over £100, and it is very difficult to decide which would be the most effective. There are also alarms and sophisticated tracking systems available costing hundreds of pounds.


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